Giovedì, Aprile 19, 2012

Manga Magazine in China

From today Asahi Shinbun edition

- Kodansha Ltd. and its Chinese partner Guangxi Publishing & Media Group Co. will launch a monthly manga magazine in China next month.

Titled Jing Manhua the magazine will have 120 pages and plenty of color.
It is targeted at Chinese boys aged 10 and older.
The first issue is set for release on May 25 Kodansha said April 18.

The publication, which is described as funny, brisk and thrilling will feature original works by Chinese manga creators.
A key focus will be on finding fresh talent and new creators to make their debut in the magazine.
Using know-how on the manga business nurtured in Japan, Kodansha also plans to start selling comic books and character goods, and create movies based on the published works in China.

Kodansha is the second company in Japan to publish a manga magazine in China, following Kadokawa Group Holdings Inc.-

How about a Kodansha, Italian Publisher partnership?
I’d love it (^__^)