Lunedì, Aprile 16, 2012

Haiku and Black Cats


published on La Repubblica, April 13, 2012

This recently published book is the last work of Pino Pace, a Torinese writer specialized on children’s books.
He loves Japan and among other activities he practices martial arts, bicycles a lot and enjoys to compose haiku using italian language.

Un gatto nero in candeggina finì, or A black cat who ended up in bleach it’s an amazing collection of Haiku, mainly thought for children.

I bet all of you know what haiku are but just to remind you, Haiku is a form of Japanese poem which dates back several centuries:
it consists of 17 On, or sounds, in three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 On respectively.
But because it is quite difficult to translate this rule from Japanese into a different language, Haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, even if this is incorrect as syllables and On are not the same.

The wonderful images on this book have been designed by Tai Pera a Taiwanese designer now living in Milano.
Her illustrations are definitely cute and smart, making the whole book interesting both for children and adults.

If you would like to buy it look for:

-Un Gatto nero in candeggina finì-
Pino Pace and Tai Pera
Notes Edizioni
40 pages
10 Euro


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