Giovedì, Dicembre 8, 2011

Cosplayers help Japan

cosplayers.jpg I am just reading from Kyodo News Agency that Costume role players from Japan and abroad are helping to promote Japan’s recovery from the Jishin, Tsunami, Radiation disaster.
Tuesday in Sendai four women, from Japan, South Korea, China and Thailand, posed for photos at the site of the former Sendai Castle with members of Datebushoutai a local tourism promotion group whose members dress as warriors or warlords.
The women, who won the Internet Cosplay contest run by a Thai company from September through November, dressed as characters from Japanese animated films and games.
-Although reconstruction may take much time, I hope they will hang in there- said Rayna from China.

I hope Cosplayers from Italy could also think about some Contest to promote tourism in Japan.
One of the most beautiful country on Earth.
It’s definitely worth visiting it (°__°)