Venerdì, Aprile 30, 2010

Spring Decorations

news_large_kamakura01.jpgYesterday in Tokyo, were announced the names of people who will receive the decoration of Spring.
This is an annual award given by the Japanese government to individuals who have distinguished themselves in various fields.
This year, among others, the award is given to the author of manga Ryohei Saigan of 62, who signed works like Kamakura Monogatari (Tales of Kamakura) and who last year won the Grand Prize at the 38th Awards Cartoonist Japan.
He is also known for Sanchome no Yuhi (Alba on third street), which was transformed into a TV series of 27 episodes and two movies.
Not many of us know his name (as many other famous Japanese artists) and then I inform you that Saigan was born in 1947 in Tokyo in the Setagaya district, attended Rikkyo Niza High School and Rikkyo University.
His career as manga artist began in 1972 when he won a prize at the Big Comic and of course, it wonderfully goes on!