Sabato, Gennaio 21, 2012

Fioritura dei ciliegi secondo le previsioni


photo by Patrick de Volpi

Quando leggo notizie così non posso fare a meno di sorridere e di confermare il mio amore assoluto per il Giappone.

Siamo a sabato 21 gennaio e leggo dall’Agenzia Kyodo, che le previsioni per l’annuale Hanami seguiranno il seguente calendario:

Il 23 marzo prima fioritura nella Prefettura di Shizuoka, a seguire le Prefetture di Fukuoka, Nagasaki e Kochi.

La specie di ciliegio chiamato Someiyoshino in particolare, sboccerà il 25 Marzo a Tokyo il 27 a Nagoya ed il 28 ad Osaka .
E come si può non amare il Giappone, qui da noi, dove non sappiamo neanche se domani ci sarà l’autobus a portarci dove dobbiamo andare? ^__*

Cherry blossoms to stick to script

The cherry blossom viewing season is likely to start at around the same time as usual in many parts of the nation this year because temperatures are expected to rise around late February, Weather Map Co. said Friday.

According to a forecast by the private Tokyo-based firm, the year’s first cherry blossoms will appear on March 23 in Shizuoka Prefecture, followed by Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kochi prefectures a day later.
Elsewhere, the “someiyoshino” species of cherry tree is expected to bloom on March 25 in Tokyo, March 27 in Nagoya and March 28 in Osaka.


Lunedì, Gennaio 16, 2012

Japanese girl playing Mozart

This video was released when Aimi Kobayashi was only 3 years old.
In 1998 this extraordinary japanese girl was already playing Mozart….
At the moment Aimi is studying in Tokyo at the Toho Gakuen School of Music.
Let’s enjoy listening to her.
Have a nice week!

Questo video è stato girato quando Aimi Kobayashi aveva solo tre anni.
Nel 1998 questa straordinaria bambina giapponese suonava già Mozart….
Attualmente Aimi frequenta la Toho Gakuen Scuola di Musica di Tokyo.
Godiamoci questo ascolto.
Buona settimana a voi tutti !


Domenica, Gennaio 8, 2012

New belly standard in Japan

New Year of the Dragon starts with new regulations about weight!
As reported by this video broadcasted by CNN, in Japan things are getting tough for people with slightly big belly.
Actually Japanese are quite slim compared to our western pattern, nevertheless it is evident that even young people as well as middle age men and women are increasing their size.

To deal with the problem in the japanese way, suspicious Office Ladies and Salary Man, are being measured by experts who, in case, will advise them on steps to take in order to loose those additionally and disgraceful kilos.
The all action could appear a bit excessive and slightly invasive but look at the bright side of it!
It’s the Kaisha taking care of the problem: the people in need will have time off to work on their bodies and even a special low calories menu in the work canteen.
Yea, it’s somehow a forced decision and I can understand a few moaning and criticism around, however in spring Japanese people will look in perfect top shape.
CNN likes it or not…..