Published by fabiolapalmeri on Sabato, Marzo 6, 2010

Nipponews is the online journal for all those that … … Japan.
At least once a day you’ll definitively need to read a story on Tokyo, many of the cities, towns, facts, events, news that take place in the Japanese islands.
A daily news … …. Is better than an apple!
Whether Otaku or lovers of Manga, Anime and Cosplay, Ikebana and tea ceremony, or if you are passionate about cooking and High-Tech, all of you will find in Nipponews indispensable general information related to the everyday Japan.
And plenty space devoted specifically to your infinite interests.
These are the premises, hoping to meet many friends and readers who actively participate in the evolution of this journal.
In addition to the information, the newspaper is also a space to recount experiences, impressions, realities and issues that affect us that were in Japan, that lived and worked there. Taking into account that many readers can not wait to go on holiday in Japan or for a period of study, for business and for many curious reasons. We are ready to start and then: all the best wishes to Nipponews